We are a Proud Member of the Pennsylvania  COSTARS Cooperative Purchasing Program

Commtech designs and services many of the electronic systems used by public school districts and universities. Our system are installed in presentation spaces, conference rooms and other common areas.

Multimedia Presentation Systems

Commtech has substantial experience in the design, programming and installation of multimedia presentation system. Our installations have included the technologies used in room and environment control, audio and video conferencing and interactive presentation.

Sound Systems

Commtech has an extensive background in sound system design and acoustics. Our experience is our most valuable asset in designing sound systems that present music and speech clearly and effectively. Commtech sound systems are installed in auditoriums, gymnasiums and classrooms throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

Television Distribution and Fiber Optics

District-wide television systems often include numerous RF and fiber-optic signal paths. Commtech has the engineering knowledge to properly analyze and service these systems. We have a unique specialty in optimizing existing systems that are performing poorly due to poor initial design and calibration. Commtech comes highly recommended by the Lehigh Valley broadcast engineering community.

Video Projection

Commtech provides video projection systems for classrooms, lecture halls and auditoriums. We work with projection equipment from all of the major manufacturers, assembling systems that provide bright, sharp images. Commtech can also provide control systems for video projection as well as signal distribution and custom input plates.

Our portfolio
What our schools/government clients say

Comm-Tech was able to solve problems for us that other companies couldn’t.

~ Robert Uhl, Technology Director, Parkland School District

Comm-Tech designed and programmed our conference rooms exactly the way we wanted them. It was a job well done.

~ Jeff Richter, DeSales University