Commtech designs and installs high quality, affordable audio/visual systems for both contemporary and traditional worship styles. Our extensive background in electronics and acoustics is key in designing systems that work functionally, acoustically and aethetically.

Contemporary Worship

Audio-Visual presentation is an integral part of today’s modern worship styles. Music, video and computer graphics help the modern Pastor deliver his or her message to the younger generation in a more contemporary fashion. Commtech can help you bring these modern elements into your church service, while maintaining the sanctity and dignity of your current worship style.

Music has been an important part of spiritual worship. Music excites, moves and motivates. If your church has a praise band, a Commtech sound system will help them sound their best. Our properly designed and optimized sound systems present music in a powerful, yet tasteful fashion to be enjoyed by those of all ages.

Video projection further aides in the presentation of modern worship. The words of praise music can be displayed as the choir sings, helping the congregation to sing along with the music. Pictures and videos of church events can be shown to help personalize the service to its attendees. Church announcements are often displayed for all to see.

Traditional Worship

Tradional worship styles demand high quality sound with minimal visual impact from sound system components. Commtech creatively designs and installs sound systems that do not impact the visual integrity of a sanctuary or naive. Custom-made speaker and mounting systems are often part of such installations. The use of smaller, and sometimes hidden microphones further minimizes visual impact.

Our portfolio

Sound System and Acoustic Treatment at Dock Woods Lansdale

Union Baptist Church

Allentown’s Union Baptist Church Enjoys Their New Sound System

St Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church

St. John’s Unique Audio and Acoustic Needs have been Serviced by Commtech for Many Years

What our worship clients say

Our new Comm-Tech sound system is truly terrific! I cannot think of any other change we made that brought such immediate positive response from our members!

~ Pastor John Kunkel, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Bethlehem, PA

Comm-Tech did a great job on our new sound system design. We are very pleased with the results.

~ Pastor Ben Hailey, Union Baptist Church, Allentown, PA